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Let Us Help You Save Water By 66%

Green Plus - Lightweight Exclusive Clay Aggregate (Leca)

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Let Us Help You Save Water By 66%

Green Grow - Lightweight Exclusive Clay Aggregate (Leca)

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MANEK ENVO GREEN offering highly environmentally friendly green revolutionary product “GREEN PLUS” LIGHT WEIGHT EXCLUSIVE CLAY AGGREGATE.

MANEK ENVO GREEN has its own in house R & D facility with well-equipped laboratory adopting latest technology and know how for the best product. We are constantly improving the quality based on the research, market development, customers’ need.

MANEK ENVO GREEN is company of “MANEK GROUP”, which is one of the biggest groups in India with an annual turnover of over 25 million US $. MANEK GROUP, works on Natural Resources to convert to value added eco friendly products and contributing significantly to the environment. MANEK GROUP is involved in processing of Fullers Earth, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clay... Read More

Our Products

Green Plus

GREEN PLUS - LIGHT WEIGHT EXCLUSIVE CLAY AGGREGATES is made from 100% natural resources and manufactured with the help of technocrats which ensures best quality with effective cost thus making the product the best choice for your application is MOST ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT.

The high quality of our light weight exclusive clay offers healthier and longer plant growth, development and beauty

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Green Grow

GREEN GROW - LIGHT WEIGHT EXCLUSIVE CLAY AGGREGATES is the most innovative products for your gardening needs. it is 100% nature and has long life. it helps in retaining moisture so that you don't have to worry about watering your plant daily. it can be used for vertical gardening, landscaping and gardening, green roofs, etc. LECA has been a superior medium of growth in hydroponics system of plantation as well.

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Customer Review

Beautiful, looks exactly like the picture, especially after giving it a wash before using for the first time.

Remya Kumar

it works best in my hydroponic system

Tejas patel