Green Plus

GREEN PLUS - LIGHT WEIGHT EXCLUSIVE CLAY AGGREGATES is made from 100% natural resources and manufactured with the help of technocrats which ensures best quality with effective cost thus making the product the best choice for your application is MOST ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT.

The high quality of our light weight exclusive clay offers healthier and longer plant growth, development and beauty

GREEN PLUS -- Has more absorbing capacity thus REDUCING WATER CYCLE BY 2-3 TIMES . .

GREEN PLUS -- Is much more porous and allows maximum aeration for better plant life sustaining ground level temperature and allowing maximum freedom at bottom for the plant roots.

GREEN PLUS ----being so light, and prevents water seepage on the flooring so its ideal for roof top and terrace gardening.

GREEN PLUS -- is designed is more colourful and lends added attraction to the place of use


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Looks Attractive for top dressing of plants.

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Plants look Neat and clean.

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Ideal for Office/Indoor plantation

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Prevents soil erosion.

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Improves pH level in water.


  • Clean & dry the soil properly and remove all debris and unwanted materials.
  • Soil should be dry to get proper mixing
  • Mix Green plus as per ratio of 5:1 with soil. (i.e. 5 portion of Soil:1 portion of Green Plus)


  • 12-18 mm in size.
  • pH level 7.5-8.5
  • Bulk Density 600-650(gms/ltr)