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MANEK ENVO GREEN offering highly environmentally friendly green revolutionary product “GREEN PLUS” LIGHT WEIGHT EXCLUSIVE CLAY AGGREGATE.

MANEK ENVO GREEN has its own in house R & D facility with well-equipped laboratory adopting latest technology and know how for the best product. We are constantly improving the quality based on the research, market development, customers’ need.

MANEK ENVO GREEN is company of “MANEK GROUP”, which is one of the biggest groups in India with an annual turnover of over 25 million US $. MANEK GROUP, works on Natural Resources to convert to value added eco friendly products and contributing significantly to the environment. MANEK GROUP is involved in processing of Fullers Earth, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clay, Attapulgite Clay, Activated Carbon, Bleaching Earth and Talc since 1970. With more than 150 employees working for us. ”MANEK group” has its own raw material mines as well as well equipped modern processing plants in India

MANEK GROUP, have its own mines and its own well equipped modern Plants in India with R & D facility. Hence our products from raw material to finished goods is of high quality and for maximum efficiency. We employ technical manpower and skilled labour. We are therefore able to offer high quality products from source to finished goods. We have competent staff for very prompt shipments and service.

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